The Tower of Twelve Stories
The Tower of Twelve Stories is a 1:1 section model of a fictional apartment building. Standing at 52 feet, this structure exposes the interior of a stack of cartoonish bubbles against an architectural cut. The bubbles are at times snug, but other times support each other on tangent points of curves behaving in compression.

Constructed with a steel endoskeleton and clad with lumber, the white-painted structure comes alive especially at night with dramatic embedded lighting design and projected images. Designed with the festival audience and hot climate in mind, The Tower of Twelve Stories casts a long shadow that serves as a canopy during the daytime. It is like a large stencil that sprays tiny humans into a shaped silhouette against the scorching sun. Or, a very large bounce board for photographers at the festival.

For: Coachella Music and Arts Festival
Team: Jimenez Lai, Steve Martinez, Roojiar Sadeghilalabadi, Man Yan Lam
Engineering: Matthew Melnyk, Nous Engineering
Steel: White's Steel
Construction: Tom Rice, Rice Construction
Lighting: Felix Lighting
Special Thanks: Raffi Lehrer, Paul Clemente